Parks & Trees Committee

The Parks & Trees Committee is comprised of volunteer residents appointed by the Village Board of Trustees for two-year terms. The Parks & Trees Committee is responsible for protecting, enhancing, and increasing the Village’s shade canopy, for improvements in our parks and other public spaces. The Committee is also the sponsor of the annual Arbor Day event. 

Please contact the Village Clerk's Office to find out more about the Parks & Trees Committee.

If you are interested in donating a tree or bench, please visit Donating Trees & Benches


  • Dawn Magid, Chair
  • Michael Grossman, Member
  • Doris Patt Smith, Member
  • Alexandra Gatti, Member
  • Glenna Lee, Member
  • Karen Zimmerman, Member
  • Karen Hall, Member
  • Susan Girling, Member
  • Tobias Busse, Member
  • Gregg Fisher, Member
Trustee Liaison: Dana Post

Charter of the Parks & Trees Committee

Public Parks Capital Projects Policy: Public Private Partnerships

2019 Trees4Larchmont Tree Planting Challenge