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Larchmont Environmental Committee

LEC Logo - CopyThe Larchmont Environmental Committee is comprised of volunteer residents appointed by the Village Board of Trustees. The mission of the Larchmont Environmental Committee is to build community understanding and appreciation of our local environment and natural resources; communicate sustainable practices to Larchmont residents, businesses, and organizations, and assist in the implementation of these practices; provide the Village Board of Trustees with proposals for policy and legislation that will reduce our carbon footprint; increase our resilience to climate change; protect our air, water, land and health; and collaborate with other municipalities to promote knowledge-sharing and support mutual progress in sustainability and adaptation to climate change. Inform the community of local, county, state and national environmental issues and encourage them to make sustainability a priority when voting.

The Committee is made up entirely of volunteers, along with a trustee liaison, appointed by the Mayor. We welcome volunteers who share our goals for a resilient and environmentally sustainable Village and want to collaborate on meaningful projects. Special skills and expertise are always helpful, but not required. 

Please contact the Village Clerk's Office to find out more about the Larchmont Environmental Committee.


  • Katherine Pannell, Chair
  • Mark Manley, Vice Chair
  • Sasha Nahr, Member
  • Marlene Kolbert, Member
  • Bonnie Wienbach, Member
  • Jane Nishimura, Member
  • Michael Gottfried, Member
  • Darren Moss, Member
  • Louise Perez, Member
  • Nathalie Monin-Voelker, Member
  • Anthony Sorrell, Member
Trustee Liaison: Brigid Brennan