Coastal Zone Management Commission

The Coastal Zone Management Commission (CMZC) is comprised of volunteer Village and Town residents appointed by the Larchmont Board of Trustees and the Mamaroneck Town Council, respectively. The CZMC is responsible for advising on whether local projects in Larchmont and the unincorporated area of the Town of Mamaroneck are consistent with the municipalities’ Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. The CZMC may provide technical input on such projects to minimize impacts, improve environmental conditions and promote the policies of the plan.

Please contact the Village Clerk's Office to find out more about the Coastal Zone Management Commission. 


  • Dr. C. Alan Mason, Chair (Town)
  • Kristin Andersen, Member (Village)
  • Tara T. Anderson, Member (Town)
  • Colin Barrett, Member (Town)
  • Howard McMichael, Jr., Member (Town)
  • Pam Michels, Member (Town)
  • Jean-Pierre Poyet, Member (Village)
  • Anthony Sorrell, Member (Village)
  • Matthew Teitsch, Member (Town)
Trustee Liaison: Peter Fanelli