Climate Smart Communities Task Force

The Climate Smart Communities Task Force (Task Force) is comprised of volunteer residents, along with a Village staff member, appointed by the Village Board of Trustees. The Task Force is tasked with documenting the Village's environment- and sustainability-focused initiatives, under the direction of the Larchmont Village Board of Trustees, for the purpose of submitting for certification status with the New York State Climate Smart Communities Program. 

The Village of Larchmont adopted the Climate Smart Pledge in 2009, and established the Task Force in 2023. The Task Force submitted its application for Bronze Certification Status on behalf of the Village of Larchmont in January 2024. A decision regarding the approval of the application is anticipated later in 2024. 

For more information, please read: Larchmont - A Climate Smart Community!

Please contact the Village Clerk's Office to find out more about the Climate Smart Communities Task Force.


  • Aylone Katzin, Task Force Coordinator
  • Ken Wieber, Chair
  • Rick Lefever, Member
  • Elana Moss, Member
  • Sasha Nahr, Member
  • Bonnie Weinbach, Member
Trustee Liaison: Brigid Brennan