Frequently Asked Questions

Use the search bar on the right to find an FAQ, or browse through the listing of all FAQs. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 914-834-6202.
Tax Payments
What if I did not receive my tax bill in the mail?
The failure to receive a tax bill shall not affect the validity of the taxes or interest due to the Village (NYS Real Property Law, section 922). 

Village tax bills are dated for June 01. If the June 30 due date is approaching, and you did not receive a tax bill in the mail, you can view and pay your tax bill online through the Village's tax payment portal. In all other cases, please call the Village Treasurer's Office at 914-834-6202
Do I need to pay the whole amount?
Payments must be made to the exact amount due, including the penalty if applicable (for example: the late penalty cannot be paid separate from the original tax amount). 
Can I pay my taxes by mail?
A United States Postal Service postmark shall be considered the receipt date of payment. Envelopes received by the Village without a USPS postmark are deemed paid on the date of receipt by the Village. 
Can I pay my taxes early?
Normally, all Village tax bills are not available for payment until June 01, each year. However, as a courtesy to residents and property owners, the Village sends out its tax bills through the mail in the middle of May (typically), thus allowing for an additional two weeks of notice to prepare for payment.
Can I pay my taxes late?
New York State Law dictates that the Village cannot waive penalties on real estate tax payments received after the due date for any reason. The taxes due and penalty must be received together.
What happens if my tax bill remains unpaid?
Previously, the unpaid tax notes and their corresponding accruing penalties would be auctioned off to a third party through a tax lien sale. As of June 01, 2022, the Village no longer holds its annual tax lien sales.

Moving forward, the Village will retain all unpaid tax notes and their corresponding accruing penalties, and record them as a tax lien on the property. 
Water Service Backflow Devices
Do I need a backflow device at my home in general? Or do I need one in order to request a final water bill?
No, you do not…unless alterations are made to an existing system at your residential/commercial property. In that instance, the Village will require you to install a backflow device. Examples include (but may not be limited to):

  • Expansion or adjustments of existing zones in a sprinkler system
  • If an autofill is added to any in-ground pool
  • Expansion or adjustments to an existing fire suppression system
  • Other instances as may be required (please contact the Water Department or Building Department for further information)
Note: The Westchester County Department of Health has implemented changes to what types of improvements require backflow devices. For more information, please view the Westchester County Cross Connection Control Program.
What other scenarios require a backflow device?
For example: Any sprinkler/irrigation system that is newly installed; auto-fill for pools; all fire suppression systems, etc. For more detail, please contact either the Building Department (email) or the Water Department (email). 
Water Bills & Account Management
How do you convert a unit into gallons?
The Village’s water accounts are charged based on units that equal 100 cubic feet of water consumed. To convert to gallons, multiply the number of units by 748.
What are our billing periods?
The Village bills quarterly. Quarterly bills are mailed to users on March 01, June 01, September 01, and December 01, of each year and are due no later than the 15th of the following month.
What are fixed meter fees?
These are a quarterly charge for the basic connection of your home to the Village’s water system. The fee is based on the size of your meter.
Can I pay my water bill online?
Yes, you can access the online water accounts portal here.
I am moving out. How do I end/transfer my service (i.e. request a final bill)?
If you are a tenant, you are allowed to request a final bill. If you are a property owner who is selling the home, it is your responsibility (as the current owner) to have it transferred to the new owners.

Please fill out the Request a Final Water Bill form to submit your request for a final water bill. The Treasurer's Office will reply to your request once it has been completed, or contact you for additional information.
Can I put a bill in a tenant’s name?
Yes, you can. It is done as a convenience to the homeowner, but whether the tenant pays or not, you (as the property owner) are liable to ensure that the account is paid for.
What if I want to contest my bill? What are my options?

Upon your request, the Water Department can inspect the meter read physically to ensure that it is consistent with the electronic read on your latest bill. 

The Village can also offer to switch out your existing meter and have it tested for accuracy by a third party vendor (National Metering Service). If the meter passes inspection, you will be liable for the cost of the test. If the meter is shown to be faulty, the Village will adjust the bill accordingly to compensate for the discrepancy, and pay for the testing fee on your behalf.

Prices vary based on the size of your meter. Please see the Village-Wide Fees & Charges for the current amount of the “Water Meter Testing (3rd party certified testing service)” fee.

What are the current fee amounts for water service?
All fees are made available on the Village-Wide Fees & Charges Schedule. The schedule can be found here.
How do I create an account in the online portal?
Please email the Village Treasurer's Office, or call them at (914) 834-6202.
Water Service Repairs and Maintenance
Who is responsible if my water line is damaged or leaking?
The Village is responsible for the portion of the water line between the main (running along the street, generally) to the curb. Property owners are responsible from the curb to the connection inside the property.
Is there a program in place for the Village to help us replace our lead line?
The Village does not offer an assistance program for replacing lead lines on private property (from the curb to your property).
My service line is leaking. What are my options?
According to Village Law, property owners must act as expediently as possible to repair/replace their service line.
Water Quality, Safety and Testing
Is our water safe?
Please visit our Drinking Water page for additional information and to view our Annual Water Quality Reports.
Do we test for PFAS?

First, the water is tested at Shaft 22 in Yonkers, NY, which is part of the Delaware Aqueduct system. From there, our water is retested as it makes its way through the Westchester Joint Water Works system in Rye, NY. Finally, the water is tested by the Village’s Water Department when it arrives into our system.

Based on our own testing, there are no detectable amounts of PFAS found in our water. 

Are lead lines present in our system?
The Village, along with most municipalities in the country, has lead lines present in its system. The Village is working proactively to remove and replace these lead lines on the Village’s side of the water line (from the main up to the curb).

There are still some properties with lead pipes on the private side of the connection. If your home was built before 1986, you are more likely to have lead lines and/or lead solder in your plumbing, if they were never replaced. Consider testing your drinking water for lead if you are unsure whether you have a lead line on your side of the connection. 
Can the Village test for lead in my own water?
The Village provides a fee-based service to property owners who wish to have their water tested. Water samples are sent to Westchester County Department of Health. Please email the Water Department for more details.