Permit Parking in Municipal Lots
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Long-Term Parking Permits for Residents, Commuters, and Business Owners/Employees

The Village of Larchmont operates nine (9) municipal parking lots throughout the Village. Permits are required for most long-term parking in municipal lots. 

The Village offers annual and semi-annual parking permits for residents, commuters, and business owners/employees. A small selection of non-resident commuter permits are also available.

Permits can be purchased, managed, and renewed online through the Online Parking Permit Portal. Permit applications can also be submitted via paper format in-person at the Village Clerk’s Office:

Documentation required for purchasing a permit include: vehicle registration (for all permit types), proof of residency (for all resident-only permits), proof of employment at a local Larchmont business (for business owner/employee permits).

The Village issues electronic permits tied to a vehicle’s license plate. This has replaced the old system of physical decals/placards. If you purchased your permit through the Online Parking Permit Portal, you can easily update your license plate on your permit from your computer.

First-time permit buyers are encouraged to read the FAQ for instructions and information, Permit Types, Descriptions and Location Rules, and Standard Terms & Conditions. If you are having any issues with the online parking permit portal, please submit your issue via the Community Request Center contact portal

Please note that, in most cases, parking permits are restricted to Village of Larchmont residents or business owners. Use our Street Finder List to verify if you are a Village resident.

Temporary Short-Term Parking Permits

Temporary daytime and nighttime parking permits (2 week maximum) are available for a fee to Village of Larchmont residents in the Village Clerk’s Office during regular business hours.