Commercial Area Plan Update

The Village has decided to develop a Commercial Area Plan, to be incorporated as an update to our existing comprehensive plan. The Commercial Area Plan will focus on Larchmont’s Retail Business (RB) and Retail Center (RC) Commercial zones, centered around the Boston Post Road and Palmer Avenue, as well as certain adjacent areas along those roads which may more appropriately be zoned for commercial or mixed use.

Much of the built environment of Larchmont’s commercial areas is 100 years old. While the Village has made some significant zoning changes in the RB and RC zones over the past few years, the need for a broad, holistic review is long overdue. Increased development pressure, changing retail realities, new living and working situations post-COVID, impacts from climate change, and the need for affordable and aging-in-place housing options are just some of the issues affecting Larchmont’s commercial areas which need to be addressed.

The Village intends to create a Commercial Area Plan which reflects the community’s vision for the future of Larchmont’s beautiful and historic downtowns. This Plan will serve as a blueprint for future development and conservation in the Village’s Commercial Area and shall include not only the physical and economic development of these areas, but also consider public spaces, mixed land uses, a range of housing opportunities, resiliency to climate change, green infrastructure, diversity, mobility, and other social, environmental, and regional concerns. The Plan will evaluate the existing conditions of the community (existing state); identify a vision for the future (desired state) and outline a series of recommendations and steps to achieve that vision (implementation). 


A Commercial Area Plan Committee (CAP Committee) has been appointed by the Board of Trustees to spearhead the planning process.   

Lorraine Walsh, Committee Chair Jeremy Swillinger
Adam Caviezel Roland Young, Planning Board member
Conor Fennerty Dean Barnes, Planning Board member
Carol Casazza Herman Sarah Bauer, Mayor
Ken Ricci Justin Datino, Village Administrator
Niv Rotem Dana Post, Trustee Liaison
Alexa Sewell  

The CAP Committee will work with a planning consultant (to be retained by the Village Board). The planning process will involve stakeholders from the Village including municipal officials, community organizations, businesses and residents to help identify challenges and opportunities. All meetings of the CAP Committee will be posted on the Village calendar.
Visit this page to stay up to date on the latest information and public engagement activities related to the development of the Commercial Area Plan. 

Questions about the Commercial Area Plan project may be sent to

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